In The Most Spot On Casting Ever: Tom Hanks Will Play Mr. Rogers In New Biopic

In The Most Spot On Casting Ever: Tom Hanks Will Play Mr. Rogers In New Biopic

Variety reported today that Mr. Nice Guy Tom Hanks will be playing the iconic Mister Rogers in a biopic of the personalities life called “You Are My Friend“.

Director Marielle Heller was quoted saying: “I’m thrilled to be making ‘You Are My Friend,’” Heller said. “The script knocked me out with its message of kindness and its exploration of the human spirit. As a mother, I am so inspired by the teachings of Fred Rogers and as a human, I am in awe of his life’s work. I can’t wait to bring his story to the public and be a part of such a thoughtful, smart group of people who are all coming together to make this film, which truly feels to me like an antidote to our very fractured culture.”

According to TriStar Pictures President Hannah Minghella: “This is the perfect alchemy of talent coming together at the perfect time to remind us all of the transformative power of kindness and respect to heal and to unite. We are proud to partner with Marielle, Tom and everyone at Big Beach to bring this inspirational true story to audiences all over the world.”

The film is inspired by the real-life friendship between Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers) and the award-winning journalist Tom Junod. The premise of the story is apparently going to follow Junod who was given the assignment to write a profile on Mr. Rogers. At first, he didn’t want to do it, but after taking the assignment his perspective on life was transformed.You can actually still read the iconic piece on in which it catalogs Tom Junod’s first-hand experience as well as what Mister Rogers really helped instill into children, that it was okay to dream. It’s quite a bittersweet piece that will definitely give you a different perspective on the Mister Rogers you may have known as a kid. Tom Junod is still alive and well so it’ll be interesting to get his take on the biopic. Sadly Mister Rogers passed away in 2003 from complications of cancer after spending more than 3 decades on his show “Mister Rogers Neighborhood“.


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