Spider-Man Makes Mysterio an Avenger in New Far from Home Spot

Spider-Man Makes Mysterio an Avenger in New Far from Home Spot

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The Spider-Man: Far from Home promos have been making Mysterio out to be a hero, and in a new spot, we see him actually being inducted as an Avenger by Peter Parker himself. Check it out:

What’s cool is, we get an extension of the scene where Peter suggests Nick Fury look for other heroes as compared to him. He ends up mentioning Doctor Strange—who we now know that Nick Fury is aware of—and when he says Captain Marvel, Nick tells Peter not to ‘invoke her name.’

Going back to Mysterio though, anyone who’s read a Spider-Man comic is almost sure that he’s the main villain of the film compared to the “Elementals.” The main guess is that these Elementals are just fancy special effects that Quentin Beck came up with, and he’s using them to gain success as a superhero—much like Syndrome from The Incredibles.

With the Mysterio double-cross so obvious though, I’m wondering if Marvel has some kind of secret up their sleeve. Maybe he really is from another world like he says he is, but I guess that could be a betrayal of his character—much like what they did with the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. If anything, I guess we just get to watch him get close to Peter in the film, and the twist is when he turns out to be the villain, he becomes scary dangerous—like Jake Gyllenhaal was in Nightcrawler.

Catch Spider-Man: Far from Home in theaters July 2.



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