Spider-Man 3 to Start Shooting in Queens Next Week?

Spider-Man 3 to Start Shooting in Queens Next Week?

We know that Tom Holland is currently shooting the Uncharted movie, but when that wraps, it’s right off to work on the third Spider-Man film with Jon Watts. Though the film is expected to start shooting next year, a notice has been spotted in Queens suggesting that Spider-Man 3 will actually start shooting next week.

Here’s the post shared by @ArtiDulatahi on Twitter:

We don’t know how legit this seems, but Serenity Now is the working title of Spider-Man 3. If anything, it’s possible that this could just be a second unit doing locations shoots for the film without the director or the principal actors. With the pandemic currently ongoing, it would probably be safer to just shoot on set, and have these scenes outside added in post.

For now, fans are waiting on more news on the third film, especially after the announcement that Jamie Foxx will be reprising the role of Electro. While some speculate that this could be a new version of the character (like J.K. Simmons’ MCU J.J. Jameson), a deleted IG post from Foxx suggests that Sony is ready to enter multi-verse territory with the live-action films.

Personally, I want to give Peter Parker more room to grow as a character before he’s thrust in a movie with different Spider-Men, but I wouldn’t blame Sony for trying to rush things. I mean, this the same studio who greenlit a Kraven the Hunter film; right after they successfully introduced the concept of a Spider-Verse too. Nobody thought of making a Spider-Gwen movie instead?

Spider-Man 3 is set to come out on Dec. 17, 2021.



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