Spider-Man 3 Star Topher Grace Jokes about His Time as Venom

Spider-Man 3 Star Topher Grace Jokes about His Time as Venom

Topher Grace may not have made the Spider-Man: No Way Home cameo list, but there is still a lot of fondness for his version of Venom that we got in Spider-Man 3. What’s funny is, a recent post from @WowTerrifying has shared what looks to be a mysterious black goo, and it caught Grace’s attention.

He retweets:

For context, the ‘black goo’ in the video is actually type of worm called the Bootlace Worm. It’s found on the British Isles and is said to be very long. It may not be an alien symbiote, but it’s probably not a good idea if you let it bond to your body.

For now, the seeds have been set for Venom’s appearance in the MCU. He may not be played by Tom Hardy in that canon, but at least we know that the symbiote that gets loose on the timeline comes from Hardy’s version of Venom.

If I were to guess, I would think that they would give Peter the symbiote suit in Avengers: Secret Wars, since Secret Wars was the comic that gave Peter the outfit in the first place. I would still pretty much love to see the MCU’s take on the Venom storyline though, with Peter tearing off the suit, and it finding its way to another Eddie Brock.

Then again, I’m just speculating here.

No release date has been set for the next Spider-Man or Venom movie, but you can catch Avengers: Secret Wars when it comes to cinemas May 1, 2026.


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