Fans Hilariously React to Spider-Man 2 Revealing ’19-Inches of Venom’ Statue

Fans Hilariously React to Spider-Man 2 Revealing ’19-Inches of Venom’ Statue

October is almost here, but it feels like marketing for Spider-Man 2 has been kind of slow. What’s funny is, PlayStation has decided to reveal a new exclusive statue of Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and Venom for the Collector’s Edition, but the caption has led fans to tease whoever made the post.

Here’s the original post:

Immediately fans started making fun of the phrasing in the caption, but it does feel like the marketing team had done it on purpose. It’s odd that anyone would ‘treat themselves to a statue’ at all, but it looks like the poster is in on the joke now and nothing is being taken down.

Already the post has replies like:

Looking at the collection, besides the statue, fans who avail for the Collector’s Edition of Spider-Man 2 will also be getting a steelbook display case as well as the full digital PS5 game. They will also get pre-order bonuses including 2 early unlock costumes for Miles and Peter, 3 skill points, and a web-grabber gadget. Digital Deluxe content also includes 10 unique suits for each Spider-Man, additional photo mode items, and an additional 2 skill points.

No doubt, the massive Venom/Spider-Men statue is the centerpiece of the special edition, and would be a great snag for any Insomniac Spider-Man fan. Let’s just hope we get more reveals soon, because the marketing for the game has been oddly quiet, especially with the release set a month from now.

Watch out for Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 when it launches for the PS5 exclusively on Oct. 20.


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