Sophie Turner is Suing Joe Jonas for the Return of Her Two Daughters

Sophie Turner is Suing Joe Jonas for the Return of Her Two Daughters

Sophie Turner had played a princess who was kept against her will from her family in Game of Thrones, and now it looks like her kids are kind of going through the same drama with their father, Joe Jonas.

According to PageSix, Turner has now filed a suit against Jonas for the return of her two kids to their home country of England. As of now, the kids currently reside in the US and are in the primary care of Jonas, but Turner says that they had agreed to settle in the UK and had begun a long-term rental plan to purchase a house in the English countryside.

Turner was said to have filed the lawsuit for ‘wrongful retention’ back in Sept. 20.

With Turner having been publicly blasted for her lifestyle of partying which lead to the split with Jonas after four years of marriage, people on the internet have started to side with her, saying that Jonas was the one who had been feeding stories to publicists in order to take down Turner in the public eye.

For now, fans are waiting for a response from Jonas, who some are starting to say is the problematic one in the relationship. People are starting to callback to his break-up with pop-star Taylor Swift, and Turner’s recent dinner with Swift are leaving some to believe that the latter has offered her support to try and get Turner’s children back.

We’ll just have to wait and see how everything goes down soon.


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