Sonic the Hedgehog Delayed Again?

Sonic the Hedgehog Delayed Again?

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The negative reaction to Sonic the Hedgehog was so bad online that the film was forced to delay its release in order to give artists time to “fix” the movie. Bad news for fans though, since it looks like the film has been delayed again.

When the movie was initially moved, it was set for a February release date, but now their Twitter page is saying that the film is going to come out in March.

It doesn’t seem like a really big deal, seeing that it’s only been pushed back a month. If anything, I think moving the film back is more of a strategy move. If the movie were to come out in February, it would be releasing close to another animated animal film—Peter Rabbit 2. Not to mention it will have to compete with the likes of Birds of Prey and The King’s Man.

With a March release, the film will have less to compete with when it comes to the kids’ movie market. At best Sonic’s biggest competition would be Godzilla vs. Kong, Mulan, and Pixar’Onward.

For now, I’m just happy the film got delayed to give a chance for the artists to catch up when it comes to the fixes. There have always been horror stories when it comes to crunch culture for games, and I can imagine everyone involved making Sonic were horrified when they realized they had to fix the whole film.

Let’s just hope everything comes out fine, and everyone’s happy by the end.

Catch Sonic the Hedgehog when it comes out March 2020.


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