So What Happened to The Mandalorian’s Cara Dune?

So What Happened to The Mandalorian’s Cara Dune?

Gina Carano was set up to be her own Star Wars icon, but some anti-vaxx tweets had forced Disney to give her the boot. While fans know the real reason Carano was removed from Star Wars, The Mandalorian has gone ahead to explain what happened to her character who was the marshall of Nevarro the last time we saw her.

In the premiere episode of The Mandalorian 3, it was revealed that Dune was recruited by the special forces of the New Republic—and that was that. This was supposed to be the build-up to the spinoff Rangers of the New Republic, but since the bridges have been burned with Carano, it looks like Dune will just be jumping around the Star Wars universe, never to be mentioned again.

At least they didn’t kill her; opening the door up for some kind of reconciliation with Carano in the long run; but maybe if she changes her mind about vaccines and wearing masks.

Talking to Deadline, series director Rick Famuyiwa explains, “Cara was a big part and continues as a character to be part of the world… It had to be addressed in the creative, and [Jon Favreau] took the time to think about that. It was something that was discussed as we knew it was going to have impact on the show, but at the same time, what has been at the heart of the show are the two characters — Din Djarin and Grogu — so ultimately it felt like a servicing of that, and around the Mandalorians.”  

For now, fans are just happy to have Din and Grogu back. Catch new episodes of The Mandalorian now on Disney+.


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