Zack Snyder Shows Support for DC’s Upcoming Blue Beetle

Zack Snyder Shows Support for DC’s Upcoming Blue Beetle

Though often touted by his cult of followers online, Zack Snyder has been very quiet about the current direction of DC, putting most of his focus on the release of Netflix’s Rebel Moon. With him being mostly silent on the release of The Flash, Snyder has surprisingly shown support for a movie that apparently no one is excited for — Blue Beetle.

This was Snyder’s post:

With The Flash going down online as one of DC’s biggest flops in the franchise, everyone has already been going around talking about the lack of marketing for Blue Beetle and how it seems that WB is planning to just sweep the film under the rug.

Support from Snyder is definitely interesting, seeing as he has a huge chunk of fans (who are also possibly bots) who hang onto his every post; after all, they did manage to release Zack Snyder’s Justice League even though it seemed it was never going to happen.

Maybe Snyder showing support for Blue Beetle could foster some interest from his fanbase; after all, this movie is said to be one of the first in the canonical timeline of James Gunn’s DCU.

If anything, WB should be doubling down on Blue Beetle because it was originally an HBO Max film that was upgraded to a theatrical release. Of course, WB Discovery head David Zaslav wasn’t running things when that happened, but I’m hoping the film manages to generate some positive buzz because I am a fan of star Xolo Mariduena from his work on Cobra Kai.

Watch out for Blue Beetle when it comes to theaters on Aug. 18.


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