Shazam! Leaked Photo of Captain Marvel in Full Costume

Shazam! Leaked Photo of Captain Marvel in Full Costume

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Shazam! director David F. Sandberg had been teasing that a reveal for Captain Marvel’s costume was ‘just around the corner’ but now a leak has made it online, and we have our first glimpse of Zachary Levi in full Captain Marvel gear.

Check it out:

PHOTO: First Look at Shazam? from r/DC_Cinematic


The costume is surprisingly comic-accurate, with red suit and golden belt, bands, and boots. The cape is interesting though, as it looks to be a fusion of both the classic cape and the more modern ‘hood’ look. The hood of the costume is there, but the cape is layered, just like the “side-cape” from the comics.

Surely DC was hoping to make our first look at the costume official, but leaks always find a way online especially when production is shooting on location. Deadpool 2 managed to subvert this when they released official pictures of Cable right before they started shooting out in the open.

Going back to Shazam!, the movie promises to be more light-hearted than previous DCEU entries, with some actors describing the film as Big but with Superman. With Aquaman rumored to be getting positive reactions from test screenings, let’s hope Shazam! will end up great as well.

Catch Shazam! when it hits theaters April 5, 2019.

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