See Deadpool and Spider-Man in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Spoof Video

See Deadpool and Spider-Man in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Spoof Video

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When Deadpool made his debut in cinemas earlier this year, people loved him. After years of glamorous, action-packed superhero films here, at last, was a superhero who just didn’t care. Deadpool’s wit and humour made him an instant success. Yet, when it came to the release of Captain America: Civil War, Wade Wilson was missing. Sure, we had both the large and small versions of Scott Lang’s Ant-Man to enjoy. We also had an exciting glimpse at Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Yet, in all of that battling, the sarcastic mutant was absent.

In the YouTube video below added by user, Zach Ace, we get to see the epic battle from Deadpool’s hilarious perspective:

Yes, the trusty sketchbook is out and that little Spidey/Deadpool embrace works fantastically. Not least because Peter Parker talks to Deadpool whilst he draws it. The intro that we get from Deadpool in his debut movie also slots in perfectly with the Civil War sequence. It’s as if it was meant to be. Of course, Wilson had better things to do with his time than actually appear in the movie. Nevertheless, the video is seamless.

Including Deadpool in Infinity War Part 1 would be the ultimate dream. Imagine those play-offs with the other Marvel greats. Wade would also provide some much needed comedy to contrast the heavy story of the next big superhero ensemble film. Both Infinity War and Deadpool 2 are due out in 2018 – which gives Marvel a perfect opportunity to use Deadpool to their advantage. If Wade Wilson is left out of Infinity War, would a Spider-Man/Deadpool play-off in Deadpool 2 be too much to ask?

Unfortunately, it looks like we might only have fan videos for now. Unless Marvel can come to an agreement with 20th Century Fox.

Image: Marvel/20th Century Fox


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