Scott Pilgrim Takes Off in New Trailer for the Anime

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off in New Trailer for the Anime

With the Scott Pilgrim comic from Bryan Lee O’Malley so inspired by Japanese manga, it was only inevitable that we would also get an anime adaptation—featuring the original voices from the movie, no less.

The anime is set to premiere this November, and we have a new trailer featuring Scott, Ramona, and all of her League of Evil Exes. Watch this:

Though the movie tried to be as faithful to the comics as it could, a lot of comic-readers will know that the story was kind of watered down to fit in one film; from the more generic characterization of the exes, to the bombastic Evangelion-esque ending with Gideon Graves harnessing the power of all of his ex-girlfriends.

Admittedly, the cuts in the anime don’t seem as snappy as that of Edgar Wright’s work, but I am eager to watch Scott’s story unfold from an entirely new lens. I guess it was great that they were able to bring everyone back to reprise their roles. Who would have thought the film was going to be full of future A-listers like Chris Evans, Brie Larson, or Kieran Culkin?

Here’s the official description for the series:

Scott Pilgrim meets the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers, but learns he must defeat her seven evil exes in order to date her. Then things get even more complicated. Based on the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off on Netflix this coming Nov. 17.


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