Edgar Wright Shares E-Mail that Convinced All Scott Pilgrim Cast Members to Return for Anime

Edgar Wright Shares E-Mail that Convinced All Scott Pilgrim Cast Members to Return for Anime

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World may not have become a box office hit back in 2010, but it’s considered a cult classic and Netflix has just released their anime adaptation, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off. What’s great is that the show was actually able to bring back all of the main cast members from the movie, and director Edgar Wright shares what he told them that got everyone to say yes in less than 3 hours.

Talking to Rolling Stone, Wright shares his e-mail with the subject reading Scott Pilgrim: To Be Continued. He then read:

“Hey all,

I have some happy news. We’ve been talking about this for years now. So you may have already heard something about it, but we’re going to do a Scott Pilgrim anime show for Netflix, and it’s just been greenlit. Bryan Lee O’Malley has co-written all-new scripts with BenDavid Grabinski. They are both a faithful adaptation but also something different — surprising and very fun. I think they are really special scripts. I’m sure you will, too. Of course, having all of you [the greatest cast of all time*], and though it would be a dream and mean a tremendous amount to everyone, it goes without saying, but it’s worth saying. Jared will follow up with a bunch more info, but I’m jazzed by what I’ve seen so far, and I think it will be an awesome and lovely continuation of this wonderful book.

Over to you, Jared.


(*) Yes, better than The Godfather.”

Wright also shares that the cast have stayed in touch with each other since 2010 and have sharing all kinds of e-mails and memes with each other whenever it had something to do about the movie. With so many of the movie’s stars having gone on to become major A-listers like Chris Evans and Brie Larson, it’s amazing they were able to gather everyone back to reprise their roles.

The series even got some cameo voices like Simon Pegg, Nick Frost , Kal Penn, Stephen Root, Weird Al Yankovic, Finn Wolfhard, and Shannon Woodward. They even got the original film’s writer Michael Bacall to do a cameo voice as one of Envy’s fans.

Admittedly, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is definitely not the adaptation everyone was expecting, and that’s what makes it so great. Any fan of the original comic and movie should check it out immediately before all the spoilers come out online.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is now on Netflix.


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