Antony Starr Regrets Doing His Own Stunts in Blooper Reel for Gen V

Antony Starr Regrets Doing His Own Stunts in Blooper Reel for Gen V

The next season of The Boys may still be far off, but fans got the next best thing with the spinoff show Gen V. The whole season is now out on Amazon Prime Video, and they’ve just recently released the blooper reel.

Watch this:

While it is great to just watch the cast have fun with themselves during random parts of the season, it is also hilarious to watch Antony Starr a.k.a. Homelander just fully regret getting pulled up to a ridiculous height to set up for his entrance.

If you’ve seen other BTS reels for The Boys, you’ll know that Starr usually has to just stand in place and let the CG make him look like he’s dramatically landing. For Gen V though, they decided to make him to it in a more practical method.

If anything, Starr is one of the biggest faces of The Boys, and if he’s going to make an appearance, they better make the most of Homelander’s one scene for the entire series.

It’s unclear where the next season of The Boys is going to be headed, but Gen V has confirmed that Butcher knows all about a virus that can kill superheroes. Of course, we should also take into consideration what we know from the last season in which Butcher is going to be terminal because of his use of the Temporary V. We don’t know exactly where the show is heading, but if they don’t kill Homelander in the next season, I imagine a lot of fans are going to get very prissy online.

Catch Gen V and The Boys now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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