SAG-AFTRA Shares Negotiations Underway with AMPTP

SAG-AFTRA Shares Negotiations Underway with AMPTP

The Writers Guild of America had shared that their strike was almost over with a tentative agreement underway, but some forget that another major guild is also on strike with SAG-AFTRA. While we have no update on the actors getting their own agreement yet, the group did release a statement that negotiations are once again underway.

This was the post shared to members:

There are no specific details in the statement, but we do have the opening which reads, “Today, we go back to the bargaining table to fight for the contract you deserve.” We don’t know if they’ll eventually get to proper terms, but with the WGA managing to land a deal, at least we can tell that the AMPTP is now ready to play ball.

For context on the SAG strike, multiple small-time actors have come out that several of their members have not been able to make enough money to pay for health insurance—regardless of whether they work on a successful show or not.

While actors from shows like Friends were able to make millions out of old school syndication, the model didn’t translate that well to the streaming service format; and with the streamers being secretive about their numbers, actors had no idea how much they were owed, despite the success of their work. Even Aaron Paul said he didn’t make anything out of Breaking Bad being one of the most successful shows on Netflix.

There is also the issue with the use of AI-generated faces, and SAG and the WGA have been trying to get precautions in place just to ensure that the big studios don’t end up resorting to AI to make their art for them.

The WGA Strike had lasted for 145 days, and with Hollywood just wanting to get things started again, they would do good to make a good deal with SAG and get the machine up and running.

The SAG strike has not yet officially ended.


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