‘Rogue One’ Premiere Gets Excited Response

‘Rogue One’ Premiere Gets Excited Response

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Star Wars fans have more reasons to celebrate this holiday season. The premiere of the latest instalment of the Lucasfilm franchise, Rogue One, has its first reactions out in the wild. Let’s just say the reception of the lucky few who were able to see it can fill us all with a sense of… a new hope?

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One surprising revelation is the apparent consensus that the first of an anthology string of Star Wars features from Disney is even better than Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

The film, according to a report from The Independent, directly segues into Episode IV: A New Hope, up to the point when the audience can actually see Princess Leia concealing the plans to the Death Star within R2D2’s memory banks. Of course, we know she’s then captured by the Imperial Forces under the command of Darth Vader, but that’s another story.

Rogue One is somewhat of a gamble for Disney. The darker, war-story feel of the film has been criticised for flying directly in the face of the romantic, more positive undercurrents Star Wars is known for. Its initial response is a relief for the studio given that a film featuring the early days of Han Solo is the next gamble to be scheduled. Rogue One has clearly stacked the odds in the studio’s favour.

Star Trek alumnus, Will Wheaton announced on his Twitter feed that he was one of the first fortunates to see the much-anticipated film. His opinion?

Not to be left out, Nerd-at-large, Chris Hardwick excitedly announced his pleasure after seeing the film as well.

Their reactions aren’t alone. Other mainstream geeks like Kevin Smith are also wildly enthusiastic about the film’s debut.

Clearly Star Wars fans can rest assured that Star Wars: Rogue One will not disappoint. If geeks of this magnitude can love this film’s firepower, then it’s open season for the rest of us.

Rogue One hits North American and UK theatres on December 15 and 16, respectively. Until then, May the Force be with the rest of us eagerly awaiting to see this promising new addition to the Star Wars saga.

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