Rogue One Director Gareth Edwards Returns with Sci-Fi Epic The Creator

Rogue One Director Gareth Edwards Returns with Sci-Fi Epic The Creator

Director Gareth Edwards hasn’t directed a major motion picture since Rogue One: A Star Wars Story back in 2016, but he’s set to dazzle audiences again with his upcoming movie The Creator starring John David Washington.

A new trailer just dropped for the film, and it promises a science-fiction adventure of epic proportions. Check this out:

The movie doesn’t have an extensive synopsis, but it does come with the description: Described as a post-apocalyptic thriller involving a future impacted by a war between humans and AI.

Seeing that this is Edwards’ first movie after seven years, you can imagine that there is going to be hype for the release, especially with fans of Rogue One. Admittedly, Edwards wasn’t the one to finish that movie for Lucasfilm, with Tony Gilroy said to have come in and compressed the ending; but there’s no denying that Edwards definitely has a flair for visuals and scale, and the world of The Creator looks amazing.

With the teaser selling a massive film, it’s curious why the movie didn’t get promoted earlier, but I guess films like Avatar: The Way of Water have the benefit of being a follow-up to an already successful first movie. Hopefully Edwards’ Rogue One status can be a major box office draw itself; even if you didn’t like Rogue One, the film looks so impressive visually you’ll have to see it come to life on the big screen.

The Creator is set to release in theaters on Sept. 29.


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