Set Photos for Captain America: New World Order Reveal Sam Wilson’s New Suit

Set Photos for Captain America: New World Order Reveal Sam Wilson’s New Suit

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had ended with Sam Wilson getting a comic-accurate Captain America suit, but it looks like he’ll be getting something different for his solo movie Captain America: New World Order.

Just in, some set photos reveal Mackie in his new suit, plus new characters, one played by WWE superstar Seth Rollins:

Admittedly, we only get to see the top of Sam’s suit, but you can already see that it doesn’t have the ‘half-helmet’ of the TFATWS suit, and there’s a lot more blue on the torso with a new star symbol on the chest.

With so much build up to Sam getting his suit in his series, a lot of fans are kind of disappointed that he won’t be wearing the suit in the movie. When it comes down to it, Marvel kind of needs new suits every film so they can sell a new action figure, but personally, the comic-accurate suit is kind of hard to pull off onscreen, and I think that audiences could be comfortable with a uniform that looks a lot closer to Steve Rogers’.

Then again, that’s just my guess.

Hopefully we get a full look of the suit soon. If I were to speculate, I think Sam does have the ‘A’ helmet, but it’s nanotech and can be activated when he taps his glasses. I mean, if Ant-Man can get that tech in Quantumania, so can Sam.

Captain America: New World Order comes to theaters on May 3, 2024, but you can catch Mackie in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier now streaming on Disney+.


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