Robert Pattinson Hopes Batman Fandom Won’t Reach Twilight Levels

Robert Pattinson Hopes Batman Fandom Won’t Reach Twilight Levels

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Robert Pattinson had become a mega-star after starring as Edward Cullen in Twilight, and now that he’s shaken most of that fame off, he’s now going to be playing the new Batman for WB. Pattinson talks a bit about taking on the role, and hopes fandom won’t be the same it was compared to Twilight.

Talking to TODAY Show, Pattinson says that he thinks that it would be ‘impossible’ to reach Twilight-level fandom with The Batman, specifically having ‘people hanging outside my place.’

While I can imagine that Twilight got really big back in 2008, I think Pattinson is talking about a whole new level of fandom when it comes to Batman. I mean, Batman is no doubt the more beloved character and he’s recognized by more people compared to vampire Edward Cullen. While I imagine more people will recognize Pattinson now, I doubt they’ll be as obsessive as those fans who would ‘hang outside his place.’

I’m not saying people won’t be stalking Pattinson, but I have a feeling it’s less likely.

While a lot of people are bummed that Ben Affleck won’t be returning as Batman, a good chunk of the fandom is excited that Pattinson is taking on the role. He’s pretty much grown since Twilight, and I’m excited to see what he would bring to the table as the new Bruce Wayne.

Besides, this Batman is confirmed to be in a different timeline than the DCEU, so maybe there’s a chance Batfleck could come back?

Catch The Batman when it comes out June 25, 2021.


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