Riri Williams/Ironheart is said to be Debuting in a Disney+ War Machine Series

Riri Williams/Ironheart is said to be Debuting in a Disney+ War Machine Series

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Though it looks like Tony Stark had left everything for Peter Parker by the end of Infinity War, a lot of people are wondering about his best friend Rhodey a.k.a. War Machine. With War Machine having a cancelled solo film from the past, it looks like Disney+ is set to revive the project with a series.

As per Lords of the Long Box, Marvel Studios is aiming to start development on a War Machine series once the global pandemic blows over. What’s more, the series is said to be introducing Riri Williams, the 15-year-old genius who ends up taking the Iron Man mantle and becoming Ironheart. According to the source though, Riri is said to just appear as herself in this show, and the Ironheart persona comes somewhere down the line.

With the way the MCU is set up, it’s become Spider-Man who is the next Iron Man in this universe. Besides, when it comes to Riri, there is also the question of legacy; and it seems that Morgan Stark is the one who should earn the mantle rather than a girl that Tony hasn’t even met or mentioned. Then again, I’m sure they can always write something to make it plausible. Seeing that Rhodey is essentially the only existing “Iron Man” left, it would make sense for him to pass on the mantle; maybe he can even do it with Spider-Man, who knows.

For now, all we can really do is wait and see. Things are still on lockdown, and we shouldn’t hope for too many updates down the line. I do think it’s time for Rhodey to take the spotlight though, seeing as he’s basically just played second fiddle to Tony since the first film.

The next MCU film, Black Widow, is set to release on Nov. 6, 2020.




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