Rick and Morty Season 4 Gets A New Trailer

Rick and Morty Season 4 Gets A New Trailer

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A day like April Fool’s Day usually has people skeptical of big drops online, but Adult Swim has decided it’s the perfect day to drop the highly anticipated trailer for the latter half of Rick and Morty 4.

Check it out:


With the first two seasons really trying hard to keep things fresh, it looks like this fourth season is now focused on giving us more callbacks. Besides Rick and Morty once again suiting up in robot kill suits, we also have the return of the Smith family dog Snow Ball and his robot suit. We’re also getting the return of Tammy, and possibly the resurrected Phoenixperson.

While the show was pretty unique when it came to earlier episodes, there seems to have been some kind of drawback when it came to the first five episodes of Season 4. While the humor is still great, it just doesn’t have that same clever kick to it that earlier seasons had.

My personal gripe is that Rick has become kind of “OP” in the series and it’s hard to believe that he could get into any kind of real trouble in the show. Hopefully they find a fix to that somewhere down the line. I mean, I get that Rick’s real problems are emotional, but you can only keep writing around that for a sci-fi show with aliens and lasers.

For now, the final episodes of Rick and Morty Season 4 are set to come out on May 3 on Adult Swim.



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