Rick and Morty 7 Gets October Premiere Date

Rick and Morty 7 Gets October Premiere Date

Ever since co-creator Justin Roiland was kicked out of Rick and Morty, a lot of fans have been wondering about the fate of the show. Luckily, the series will be moving forward, and we just got a release date for the next season this coming October.

Here’s the announcement with a Bad Boys-inspired poster featuring Rick, Morty, and Summer:

Though Rick and Morty tends to have an episodic structure, there is one overarching story that now has the show’s main Rick going after another ‘Rick Prime’—a Rick that was said to have killed C-137’s family. What’s more, Rick Prime is also the original Rick of the show’s main Morty.

We’ve yet to know exactly what that Rick’s deal is, but it does provide us with a new source of drama for the show. We don’t even know what’s happened to ‘Evil Morty’ ever since he jumped into that yellow portal in the second-to-the-last season.

For now, fans are just waiting for a trailer. It’s not clear what direction the show will go for recasting Roiland, seeing that he was the voice of the original duo (as well as several other characters). Solar Opposites had replaced Roiland with someone who sounded completely different; but some think that Rick and Morty will just settle with finding a new voice actor for both the titular characters.

You think they’ll consider using an AI voice-changer?

Rick and Morty Season 7 premieres on Adult Swim on Oct. 15.


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