Quentin Tarantino Thinks Tangled is Better than Frozen

Quentin Tarantino Thinks Tangled is Better than Frozen

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Though Walt Disney Animation has certainly made some amazing films, none have made a bigger impact than Frozen. As it turns out, directing legend Quentin Tarantino still thinks Tangled is way better in terms of a film.

Deadline had decided to talk about Frozen with Tarantino , seeing that he’s expecting a baby soon. On the thought of having to consume Frozen like a lot of parents do today, Tarantino said, “I’m a Tangled guy, so I’m going to really try to steer her away from Frozen on to Tangled… But it’s the same group of people so they should be okay with it.”

While Tarantino doesn’t go in-depth as to why he prefers Tangled, some people think it makes total sense that Hollywood’s most infamous foot fetishist loves the Disney film where the lead girl is barefoot for the entire film.

Though Frozen does get all the attention from kids, a lot of people tend to agree that Tangled is ultimately the better movie. I personally think that the story flows a lot better than Frozen, and I think all the songs are great. I mean, Let It Go was a hit, but I’m not really too keen on In Summer and Fixer Upper.

But just like with Martin Scorsese and the MCU, not everyone has to agree with Tarantino.  I just think it’s fun that he should have a preferred Disney movie at all. I wonder what he has to say about the new Star Wars films.

For now, you can catch Frozen II out in theaters.


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