Ben Stiller Marks Production Start for Severance Season 2

Ben Stiller Marks Production Start for Severance Season 2

Ben Stiller has been spending more time behind the camera than in front of it, but he’s proven to be quite an interesting director, with his latest series on Apple TV+, Severance, getting rave reviews.

The show is now gearing up for its second season, and Stiller has marked the start of production with a behind-the-scenes look at Adam Scott’s character Mark S. Check this out:

We don’t know where the second season will delve into, but the finale does end with Mark’s ‘Outtie’ gaining consciousness outside of the office and into the real world.

So far, the show has been trying to slowly uncover mystery after mystery for each of the characters, but so far the whole operation of Lumon is still a mystery, and it’s unclear why they need the workers to be Severed from their outside selves at all.

If anything, the show does present an interesting thought experiment on the ‘work/life balance’ concept and tries to show us what the ramifications would be if people could literally separate their identities for work and their lives outside of the office.

Here’s the official synopsis for the series:

From Ben Stiller and creator Dan Erickson, Severance centers around Mark Scout (Adam Scott), a leader of a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives.

This experiment in ‘work-life balance’ is called into question as Mark finds himself at the center of an unraveling mystery that will force him to confront the true nature of his work… and of himself.

No release date has been set for the second season of Severance, but you can watch the first season now available on Apple TV+.


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