Possible New Casting Details for Disney+’s She-Hulk Series

Possible New Casting Details for Disney+’s She-Hulk Series

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While Disney+ is set to give us series based on MCU characters we’ve already met like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Loki, we’re also going to be getting origin series for upcoming faces like Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight. Another show down the roster is She-Hulk, and we may have some new info when it comes to Marvel Studios casting the lead.

As per The Illuminerdi, Marvel Studios is looking to portray a comic-accurate version of Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk. Walters will be a lawyer, and she’ll receive her powers via  blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner who is ‘specifically mentioned.’ It’s also noted that she is a “future member of the Avengers.”

The show is looking to cast someone with ‘comedic chops’ who is at the 26-34-year-old age range. It’s also said that casting is open for all races.

We don’t have any official confirmation that Mark Ruffalo will be involved in She-Hulk, but with Banner being mentioned, he should at least make some kind of cameo. If anything, they can just have Ruffalo do the voice, with someone else performing mo-cap; then again, I have no idea on the specifics of how that process works.

Going back to She-Hulk though, I’m hoping that Marvel Studios is willing to give this show a decent budget. With the rest of the Marvel shows getting a budget equivalent to a solo film, I’m expecting that She-Hulk should get the same treatment. After all, she stays green 24/7; you’d think they’d need to keep her constantly CG rather than just have the actress painted green the whole time. Of course, it’s possible that Jennifer will be human for most of the show, until she gets her powers somewhere near the middle (I assume).

No release date has been set for Disney+’s She-Hulk series, but The Falcon and The Winter Soldier debuts this August.



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