Possible Details Leaked for Upcoming Harry Potter RPG

Possible Details Leaked for Upcoming Harry Potter RPG

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Rumors were going around about a Harry Potter-based RPG a few years back, but we have yet to get any significant update on the game as of late. What’s interesting is, someone who claims to work for WB Marketing has leaked details about the game online.

As per a post on Reddit, the game is going to be called Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy, and will focus on a story that takes place after the events of the last Harry Potter book. Read all the details here:

Harry Potter RPG Details from r/harrypotter


As it turns out, players can take control of their custom character and play out an entire education in Hogwarts all the way to graduation. Since Voldemort is already gone by this timeline, it’s said that you’re going to be going up against a former Death Eater and some lesser minions. What’s also great is that yo get to meet characters from the books, and there’s a huge chance that you get to meet Harry Potter himself.

While the Potter franchise is generally meant for kids, it’s said that the target audience for Dark Legacy is the adults, with an emphasis on those who grew up on Harry Potter when they were kids. The game is said to be looking at a T or M rating, and it’s possibly because it will allow you to marry characters, and start romances.

Plus, you get to play Quidditch every year, which sounds like a load of fun.

While we don’t have an official announce for Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy yet, it’s rumored that it will come by August of this year with a launch set for June 2021.



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