‘Pokémon GO’ to Surpass Twitter in Daily Active Users

‘Pokémon GO’ to Surpass Twitter in Daily Active Users

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Whether it is stories of children trying to enter police stations, flurries of people wandering around their neighbourhood, or armed robbers stealing mobile phones from players. Everybody is talking about Pokémon GONintendo’s augmented reality mobile game that brings the world of Pokémon to life continues to dominate social media and has seen the company’s shares soar following its release in the US on 6 July. There is no denying that Pokémon GO is incredibly popular.

How popular, though? Well, according to data published by SimilarWeb (via ForbesPokémon GO is on track to surpass Twitter in daily active users on Android. The data goes on to state the game has been installed on “5.6% of all Android devices in the United States,”,and has an install base higher than the likes of Tinder. With that in mind, remember that Pokémon GO is yet to launch globally, with the UK release halted due overwhelming server issues. The game is only currently available in the US, New Zealand, and Australia.

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Although Pokémon GO is known to drain the battery life of user’s mobile phones very quickly, the average use of the app on a daily basis is around 43 minutes, 23 seconds according to SimilarWeb‘s data. That is higher than the likes of WhatsAppInstagram, and SnapChat. People really do have the urge to catch ’em all.

Unlike Nintendo‘s first step into the mobile market, Miitomo, it seems clear that Pokémon GO is going to have a lasting impression. Many were skeptical when the company announced they were going to make mobile games, but the release of Pokémon GO is proof their beloved properties can thrive in this space. With so many people reacting positively to Pokémon GOdespite the server issues, developer Niantic, Inc. and Nintendo will undoubtedly continue to support and stabilise the game going forward.

Now all we need is a Mario game on mobile. Make it happen, Nintendo.

Image: Nintendo/Niantic, Inc.


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