Pied Piper Grows in New Trailer for Silicon Valley 5

Pied Piper Grows in New Trailer for Silicon Valley 5

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We may not be getting a new season of Game of Thrones this year, but HBO is still delivering to us a fresh season of Mike Judge’s fantastic Silicon Valley. The show will be entering its fifth season this 2018, and we have a new trailer to get us excited about Pied Piper team’s comeback.


It looks like Richard and his team will be expanding significantly this time around, moving out of Erlich Bachman’s incubator and into an actual office. It seems that they’re abandoning their entire compression app idea in order to pursue Richard’s “new internet” concept.

Though Gavin Belson ended up being a reluctant ally to Richard last season, it seems that he’ll be back as the main antagonist for Silicon Valley 5. Though he did grant Richard the rights to Peter Gregory’s patent for the “new internet,” it seems that Gavin had dug a grave for his own company Hooli.

Besides that, Gilfoyle and Dinesh are back with more shenanigans. Who isn’t back, however, is T.J. Miller’s, Erlich Bachman. Though Erlich is admittedly one of the more useless members of the team, I thought he was relevant to the show’s comic relief. Hopefully, Miller considers coming back to the show after the bomb that was The Emoji Movie.

Silicon Valley 5 returns to HBO March 25.


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