People Want Lucasfilm To Revoke EA’s Star War License

People Want Lucasfilm To Revoke EA’s Star War License

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You may remember the very recent controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront 2? You know the one where people couldn’t unlock some key characters without partaking in gameplay for hours or days thanks to EA’s loot box system? This, of course, lead to one of the most downvoted responses in Reddit history. The comment then only spawned off into countless websites and sub-reddits which drew, even more, attention to the controversy. Now following that way of outrage a new petition has surfaced online that is encouraging Lucasfilm to revoke EA’s license to the Star Wars franchise.

EA's Response On Reddit - Starwars Battlefront

The petition currently has nearly 99,000 signatures at the time of this article’s writing but is well on its way to reaching the intended stretch goal of 150,000. In the description, John Hunt speaks to fans claiming that EA’s usage of the Star Wars license in the last 4 years is proof that “they honestly don’t care about the gameplay experience or content,” but instead prefer to rush out the next release and milk as much money from consumers as possible.


LucasFilm EA petition

It’s not just the recent release of Star Wars Battlefront II that John Hurt is taking issue with, but also the recounted failures of the first Star Wars Battlefront in 2015. During the time of launch of that game you may recall that it had relatively short content and while the experience looked and sounded better than any other Star Wars title before, the season pass provided the majority of the gameplay while splitting fan-base in half in the process.

Now after the Hero Unlock Controversy in Star Wars Battlefront II, EA did make a statement and tried to rectify the problem, but it only worsed it. Even in EA’s fast approach to lower the credit count required to buy heroes such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker the community is still unhappy with how EA is treating it.

The other issue plaguing EA is the argument on whether loot boxes are a form of gambling and if so may end up being scrutinized by the FTC. But for now, the companies best move would be to make all loot boxes contain cosmetic items, though whether or not this current situation is salvageable is yet to be seen especially with the petition gaining signatures daily.

What do you think of this EA controversy? Do you think it’s time for EA and Star Wars to part ways? Let us know in the comments below.


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