People Are Having Strong Reactions To The New Incredibles 2 Sneak Peek Trailer!

People Are Having Strong Reactions To The New Incredibles 2 Sneak Peek Trailer!

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The new sneak trailer for Incredibles 2 dropped yesterday showing us that heroes are now illegal, Eastigirl is still pretty awesome, Baby Jack-Jack has some insane powers and Mr. Incredible is a stay at home dad? You can imagine because of all that that people had some intense reactions.

Some are in disbelief that no time has passed:



Some are incredibly happy that it’s back:

Others seem to think Disney has a feminist agenda and they aren’t having it:

As for us? Well, we think it’s a sneak peek. Remember the trailer for the 1st movie it was literally Mr. Incredibly putting on a belt, no, really he was putting on a belt you can view that trailer here. With that said yes the sneak as is seems to highlight politics, changes in our educational system and a feminist belief. Is that bad? Not necessarily because it’s Pixar and if we had to guess something will happen to make sure all of them end up in costume by the end of the movie. People need to remember it’s just a trailer not the entire movie and Pixar loves to highlight modern-day motifs in their movies they did this in Wall-E, Up, Inside Out and others, but it’s possible people just didn’t notice because it wasn’t so overexpressed in society at the time. No matter what we’re still looking forward to seeing this one, after all, it has been 14 years so we’ll leave our judgment at the door until we see the entire movie.


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