‘Nightwing: The Series’ Creators Release ‘Joker vs Joker’

‘Nightwing: The Series’ Creators Release ‘Joker vs Joker’

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Last summer marked the first time in the character’s 75 plus year history that the Joker featured in a major release and wasn’t beloved by all. Two arguments seem to take precedent in the discussion: there either wasn’t enough of him in Suicide Squad or the little we got didn’t feel like Joker at all. Of course, said topics lead into debates about how no one will ever top Heath Ledger’s take on the Clown. Few will argue against such a point. However, the real question is which Joker could remain the last man standing in a brawl. In their Minute Match-Ups series, Ismahawk, the creators of Nightwing: The Series, have chosen to try their hand at answering it. Check out the results below:

Suicide Squad’s Clown Prince of Crime loses brutally to The Dark Knight’s version. It is, admittedly, an expected outcome, but let’s broach why that is. Leto’s Joker, much to the dismay of many, is little more than thug. In the few minutes seen of him in the Suicide Squad, there’s not a single hint of his intelligence. Make no mistake, the Joker is pretty damn smart. He’s clever, witty, typically uses sharp rhetoric and on occasion has proven he can out-think the Bat. All of the above is why Ledger’s take on the villain is such a standout. None of the above, aside from a few violent outbursts, feature in his appearance last summer.

Honestly, though, none of that is on display in the above fan-feature either; it’s disappointing, actually. So why does TDK’s Joker win here, specifically? Preference, the film he stars in, the superior narrative in said film? The answer could be anything. But one thing is for certain, he deserved it. Tell us what you think in the comments down below.

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