Nick Offerman would Work on Marvel or Star Wars on One Condition

Nick Offerman would Work on Marvel or Star Wars on One Condition

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There has always been a debate online of the quality of these big-budget franchise films, and character actor Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) has always managed to steer clear of them when it comes to his work. What’s interesting is, Offerman would only like to work on those huge films on one condition.

Talking to Men’s Health, Offerman commented, “I think there are those big franchises—Marvel or Star Wars or whatever—I think those all hold within them examples of wonderful, great creativity, and also examples of less good material.”

Though Offerman isn’t too keen on jumping into franchise films, he did say, “Depending on what they brought to me, and where I was, and what I had available? If Taika Waititi’s name is involved, then I will come running.”

Even if Offerman is now typecast as Ron Swanson thanks to Parks and Recreation, I think he still manages to disappear into roles that not too many actors can do. I would honestly prefer if Offerman got cast in a Star Wars property rather than a Marvel one, and I would like to see him completely disappear into a costume with all the prosthetics. Then again, maybe they can put him in the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie where he can star opposite Parks co-star Chris Pratt.

As for Waititi, he’s set to come back with Thor: Love and Thunder. We don’t know exactly what to expect with that film, but seeing as how wacky Ragnarok was, maybe there’s a role in store for Offerman.

Though he isn’t in any big franchise film now, Offerman stars in Alex Garland’s FX show, Devs.



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