The Batman: New Look at Colin Farrell in the Penguin Spinoff

The Batman: New Look at Colin Farrell in the Penguin Spinoff

The Penguin is considered to be one of Batman’s most infamous villains, but when we met him in The Batman played by Colin Farrell, he was merely a henchman of Carmine Falcone. By the end of the film though, there was a lot of room for Oz Cobblepot to grow, and it looks like they’ll be tackling that with the Max series The Penguin.

The show is set to premiere sometime next year, and we have a new look at Colin Farrell in costume thanks to Empire. Check this out:
via: Empire

According to Empire, the show is going to take place days after the events of The Batman, and it will be exploring Cobblepot’s rise as the absence of Falcone leaves a power vacuum among the criminals of Gotham.

Though Cobblepot wasn’t really high up the rung, he was still pretty well-connected, and some fans think we could be watching a Sopranos-inspired series with Penguin taking on the central role as Gotham’s Tony Soprano.

With spinoffs of course, some are wondering which characters from The Batman could show up in the series. While Batman himself is at the top of everyone’s lists, I think it’s a safer bet to think that Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon could show up.

On the other hand, it would be fantastic if we could get the introduction of other villains from the Batman lore in the series. Killer Croc could easily be a high-level hitman in the show, or maybe an alternate version of Deadshot. They can even set up some baddies for the upcoming Batman II—depending on whatever Matt Reeves is planning.

No specific release date has been set for The Penguin, but the show is expected to premiere early 2024 on Max.


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