Artist Renders Full Look at New Captain America Suit Based on Set Photos

Artist Renders Full Look at New Captain America Suit Based on Set Photos

Marvel hasn’t officially revealed the look of Anthony Mackie’s new Captain America suit yet, but it has been confirmed that it won’t be the comic-accurate suit that we got in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Set photos have given us glimpses of the suit, and since Marvel hasn’t made an official reveal, some artist online has made a mock-up of what the final suit could look like based on the set leaks.

Check this out:

For context, here’s one of the leaked shots of Mackie in costume:

The biggest difference with the TV suit is that they’ve removed the ‘half-cowl’ that was an element lifted from Sam Wilson’s comic Captain America appearance. They’ve also given the outfit a lot less white on the shoulder, opting for some red highlights.

We don’t know why they decided to change the appearance for the movie, but my guess is that they wanted a look that more resembles Steve Rogers’ Captain America get-up, so the adapting of the mantle is more visually recognizable. For all the love that the comic-accurate suit got, it doesn’t really feel like an organic evolution based on the Falcon and Captain America’s onscreen appearances.

We don’t know when Marvel is going to give us our official look at the film yet, but for now, they’re busy in the middle of production. With Jonathan Majors also getting some recent bad press, fans are wondering if Marvel is ready to recast their next big villain before it’s too late.

Captain America: New World Order comes to cinemas on May 3, 2024. You can catch Sam in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier now streaming on Disney+.


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