Netflix’s Big Mouth Renewed for 3 More Seasons!

Netflix’s Big Mouth Renewed for 3 More Seasons!

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There are a lot of great original animated series on Netflix from BoJack Horseman to Hilda, but I’d have to say one of the best is Nick Kroll’s gross out coming of age series Big Mouth. As it turns out, Netflix has just renewed the show for three more seasons!

This is the official announcement from Kroll himself:

Netflix had actually announced a third season renewal last year, so this means that we’re going to get seasons four through six. We don’t have a full trailer for next season yet, but it is expected to come out sometime this fall. Hopefully we get a trailer drop soon.

Admittedly with its gross out humor and often raunchy tone, Big Mouth isn’t for everyone. If anything, its true audience is young kids going through puberty. I have to say, though there are a lot of coming of age shows on TV and films, Big Mouth manages to cover a more authentic experience filled with the highs and lows of pubescence. I also think it’s great they embrace the gross parts because it kind of sends the message that it’s okay for those things to happen to your body.

With Season 1 covering Hormone Monsters and Season 2 the other “monsters” of puberty (e.g., Shame Wizard, Depression Kitty), I’m excited to see what else this next season is going to bring us.

We don’t have a specific release date for Big Mouth 3 yet, but it is coming back to Netflix this fall.



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