Ms. Marvel Series in the Works for Disney+

Ms. Marvel Series in the Works for Disney+

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Ever since Captain Marvel came into the MCU, a lot of fans have been wondering about Kamala Khan a.k.a. Ms. Marvel from the comics. There have been rumors about Marvel Studios bringing Kamala into the MCU, and it’s been confirmed that she’s getting her own series on Disney+.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ms. Marvel is being worked on by British writer Bisha K. Ali, who is also onboard the series as a showrunner. There hasn’t been an official announcement of the show yet, but everyone is expecting it to come with Disney+’s D23 panel.

To those unfamiliar with Kamala Khan, she’s the first Muslim hero of the MCU, and she’s an Inhuman with the power to morph her body into any shape and size. Besides being a hero, she also gives audiences a look at the Pakistani-American youth, and we also get to follow her and her religious family as they navigate their lives in New Jersey (well, the Marvel version of it, at least).

It’s been no mystery that the main movies have mostly been ignoring the shows like Agents of SHIELD and whatever Marvel Netflix came out with, so a lot of fans were a bit irked that Kamala was getting the series treatment. With Disney+ though, it seems that Marvel shows are going to be having more impact, so maybe Kamala’s story would be more important than some may think.

If anything, Kamala could be our new introduction to The Inhumans, which had a series that crashed and burned back in 2017. Better yet, they can actually make her a mutant, and give us a worm’s eye view of what it’s like to be part of the mutant youth.

With no Ms. Marvel announced for Phase 4, we could very well have it be released in Phase 5, the same time that the MCU is likely to introduce the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. This is all just guesswork on my part, but hopefully we get a solid update as D23 progresses.

Disney+ is set to come out on Nov. 12.


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