Upcoming Mortal Kombat Game could Include DC’s Peacemaker and Homelander

Upcoming Mortal Kombat Game could Include DC’s Peacemaker and Homelander

NetherRealm Studios is gearing up for the reveal of the next Mortal Kombat game, and though we should expect a roster of original characters, DLC expansions have brought in all kinds of icons from the T-800 Terminator to John Rambo himself.

We don’t have an official reveal for the game yet, but a rumor from WindowsCentral suggests that DC character Peacemaker (John Cena in The Suicide Squad) could be a playable character in the game; it’s also said that The Boys’ anti-Superman Homelander could also be in incoming character.

So far, nothing has been officially confirmed, but Peacemaker does make sense for a franchise like Mortal Kombat. The franchise admittedly can’t bring in characters like Superman or Wonder Woman, but they can bring in inherently violent characters like Joker in MK11. Peacemaker is popular enough to get his own HBO Max television series, and the character has no qualms when it comes to violence; not to mention John Cena would probably be hilarious if they brought in his character to fight alongside the likes of Liu Kang and Johnny Cage.

NetherRealm had teased a reveal for the next MK game, but a week has already passed with no official teaser. We don’t know when the game is set to release, but if it does in 2023, it would be the third fighting game to release a mainline entry; the other two would be Street Fighter and Tekken.

No release date has been revealed for Mortal Kombat 8.


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