Melanie Lynskey’s Character in The Last of Us Series Confirmed

Melanie Lynskey’s Character in The Last of Us Series Confirmed

Though The Last of Us series on HBO will feature a lot of original characters from the game, we’re also going to get to meet some new faces—one of which is Melanie Lynskey’s character.

During an appearance at CCXP (via @NaughtyDogInfo), showrunner Craig Mazin confirmed that Lynskey’s character is actually a leader of the ‘Hunters.’

In the game, the Hunters are a group of humans that regularly ambush travellers (who they call ‘tourists’) to loot them for their valuables and supplies. They are usually well-armed and violent, and are a constant threat in the world of TLOU.

Though we have the general idea of the Hunters in the game, Mazin says there are some changes with the group when we meet them in the show. No doubt, these will come with the character of Lynskey who could have some kind of connection with Joel. After all, Joel and Tommy had been members of a Hunter group before they decided to go their separate ways—explaining why Joel is so adept at torturing people for information.

Maybe we can have some insight on what Joel used to do for them. The faction is also constantly at odds with the Fireflies, so maybe we can figure out more about them in the series since the game is generally mysterious about the group.

For now, fans wait for the premiere of The Last of Us on HBO Max this coming Jan. 16.


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