Megamind Series Coming in 2024

Megamind Series Coming in 2024

Megamind and Despicable Me came out around the same time, and despite people’s love for the former, it was ultimately Gru and his Minions that became a worldwide franchise. Megamind remains a cult classic for a lot of Gen-Z and Millenials, and we have an update on the defender of Metro City.

According to Discussing Film, a Megamind series is set to release in 2024 (alongside the next Despicable Me movie). Here’s the post:

We don’t have that much detail on the Megamind series, but it does say that Megamind will be on a journey to become a “social media influencer”. Already a lot of fans thought that the premise is going to be terrible, but people who actually understand the character of Megamind know that this pretty much tracks for him, what with his love for showmanship and flare.

With the return being a series though, it’s possible that none of the principal actors would be returning for the show like Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, or David Cross. Then again, Jack Black did come back to voice Po again in the most recent Kung Fu Panda animated series, so maybe Ferrell could do the same for Megamind?

It’s kind of a shame that Megamind got overlooked because a lot of audience members thought it looked too similar to Despicable Me. If anything, Megamind can be considered as the more mature story, and it has more appeal to adults compared to Despicable Me which mostly focuses on its kid demographic.

No release date has been set for the Megamind series.


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