TRENDING: Lord of the Rings/Moneyball Memes are Taking Over Twitter

TRENDING: Lord of the Rings/Moneyball Memes are Taking Over Twitter

The fun thing about the internet is you have no idea what could suddenly go viral, and crazy things can go trending just by accident. This Christmas season though, a new trend has popped up on the timeline where fans are suddenly putting together memes of The Lord of the Rings with 2011’s Moneyball starring Brad Pitt.

Here are some of the memes coming out:

The joke essentially started with @ToLey88 joking about Saruman criticizing Elrond for putting together a fellowship which consisted of four hobbits. This was then used to come up with the premise of Elrond putting together the fellowship based on stats a la Moneyball.

Just in case you haven’t checked out Moneyball, the movie (written by Aaron Sorkin) is based on the real-life story of Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane as he assembles a baseball team based on player’s statistics. Essentially, since the team couldn’t afford any ace players, they decided to do the math and hire cheaper players who may not be great all around, but could add up to one good player. The trailer simplifies the concept:

Nobody could have predicted that the Moneyball and Lord of the Rings franchise would suddenly have something great to joke about on Twitter; and during the Christmas season no less.

We don’t know what kind of crossover is in store for movie fans down the line, but after Barbenheimer and this LOTR/Moneyball meme, I can’t wait to see what franchises could come together next.


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