Meet Adam Scott’s Ron in New Clip from Inside Job 2

Meet Adam Scott’s Ron in New Clip from Inside Job 2

After a fun first season, Shion Takeuchi’s Inside Job is ready to come back next month with some more conspiracies and government secrets.

The second season is set to introduce us to a new character Ron voiced by Adam Scott (Severance, Parks and Recreation), and we have a new clip of Ron clashing with Reagan. Watch this:

Okay, so, Reagan and this new guy named Ron (who is also an Illuminati member) get tased after trying to sabotage a meeting with Lizard people? Yeah, sounds about Inside Job: Part 2.

With the first season of Inside Job also taking a look into Reagan’s love life, I can’t help but feeling that the show has given us Reagan’s perfect match in the form of Ron, who also looks to be a hard-working guy, but only this time, he’s employed at the Illuminati.

So far, it looks like the two have similar goals, and since this is television, we know that all that fighting is eventually going to lead to the two coming together.

Personally, I’m just excited that Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott are making a reunion with this show, because they just had the best chemistry in the now-cancelled cult series Party Down—which everyone should definitely check out.

For employees of Cognito Inc., conspiracies aren’t just theories, they’re a full time grind. INSIDE JOB is a peek inside the actual Deep State, as one woman manages the chaotic office of lovable morons secretly controlling the world.

Inside Job returns to Netflix on Nov. 18.


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