Mean Girls Cast Reunite in Promo for Walmart’s Black Friday Deals

Mean Girls Cast Reunite in Promo for Walmart’s Black Friday Deals

Mean Girls turned out to be a generation-defining film for Millenials, and while we’ll never get a sequel with Lindsay Lohan reprising the part of Cady, Walmart may have just given us the next best thing.

Check out their ad for their Black Friday deals which brings back the ladies of Mean Girls – Lohan, Lacey Chabert, and Amanda Seyfried:

Not only was the film able to bring back three main cast members, but they were also able to bring in some supporting characters like Daniel Franzese (Damian) and Rajiv Surendra (Kevin G).

Besides all the callbacks to the original movie, we do somewhat get an update on what the characters could be up to years after they wreaked all kinds of havoc in high school. We see that Gretchen Wieners has become a well-off rich mom who was Amy Poehler’s character in the first movie, and Karen is still doing ridiculous reporting around the town.

As for Cady, it’s revealed that she’s become a guidance counsellor, and Damian helped put on the winter show.

Though Mean Girls managed to be a beloved film after almost 20 years, we are still getting a musical reboot based on the stage musical that was based on the original film. The movie is bringing back new actors to play the roles of Cady (Angourie Rice) and Regina George (Renee Rapp), but some actors from the 2004 film like Ms. Norbury (Tina Fey) and Principal Duvall (Tim Meadows) will be reprised by the original actors.

Hopefully we get a look at the reboot soon.

The Mean Girls musical is set to come out sometime in 2024. Walmart’s Black Friday deals promises an update next week on Wednesday, Nov. 8.


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