Maul/Crimson Dawn Series Allegedly in Development

Maul/Crimson Dawn Series Allegedly in Development

The end of Solo: A Star Wars Story had teased the return of Darth Maul and his crime syndicate Crimson Dawn, but it looks like Lucasfilm isn’t pushing forward with a follow-up. Now a rumor is going around that the story of Maul is going to continue, but it’s going to be in a different medium.

As per Cinelinx, multiple sources have confirmed that an animated Star Wars series centered on Maul and his Crimson Dawn group is in the works. Nothing official has been announced on Lucasfilm’s part, but the report does say that the series will focus on events before Solo: A Star Wars Story, and it’s even possible that Paul Bettany would be reprising his role of Dryden Vos.

It was also rumoured that the show was originally conceived as live-action, but ever since the whole fiasco with Ray Park back in 2020, it would probably be best if they moved to the animated medium with Sam Witwer reprising the voice of Maul.

With The Book of Boba Fett giving us a look at the Star Wars underground world, it’s very likely that a series based on Maul could be a tad redundant. With Boba not being a Force user though, it’s very possible for the show to delve into Maul’s Sith origins or maybe expand our knowledge of the underworld before Jabba was taken out in Return of the Jedi.

Like I said, a Maul series hasn’t been officially announced, but you can watch out for The Book of Boba Fett when it hits Disney+ on Dec. 29.


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