Matt Damon Wants to Star in a Affleck-Directed Superhero Film

Matt Damon is one of the few major actors in Hollywood that has yet to star in a superhero film. He’s certainly no stranger to the sub-genres those movies utilize. An action-hero in his own right, and a star with plenty of clout, Damon is nearly too perfect of a hero/villain candidate. During the Jason Bourne premiere, the actor expressed interest in such a project to the Irish Examiner. However, there’s a caveat.

“I’d consider anything with the right director (read Ben Affleck), but I can’t imagine there are any superheroes left. I think they’re all taken at this moment.”

“If [Affleck] was directing me, I’d jump on it in a New York minute. I’d love to work with Ben,” said Damon. “The problem with Ben is every time he directs a movie, he gives himself the best role in it, so until he’s willing to give up the best role to one of his friends, we’re not going to get on with it.”

The two have been friends for years, and seem to have great rapport. Perhaps Damon is thinking too broad, or not broad enough. Yes, it would be nice to have him star as a superhero, but following his fantastic role in The Departed, wouldn’t it be great to see him as a villain? One thought comes to mind, especially since Ben Affleck is directing the solo Batman film: Harvey Dent/Two-Face. Bear with us, here. In many iterations, Dent and Bruce Wayne are best friends, most notably in Batman: The Animated Series. Who better to build upon such a relationship than two actual friends? If Matt Damon were to portray Harvey Dent tragically becoming Two-Face, it would be gut wrenching for audiences and Batman.

Some fans have tossed around the idea of him playing a Robin, an odd thought considering Damon is slightly older than Affleck. But the man does have a point, not many heroes are left. Here’s to hoping Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns are brainstorming on how to perfectly introduce Matt Damon into the world of superheroes.

Seriously, Harvey Dent… it’s too easy.

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