Marvel’s What If…? Introduces New Character Kahhori

Marvel’s What If…? Introduces New Character Kahhori

Though it feels like Marvel’s What If…? was a one-and-done show, Disney+ is gearing up for a second season, and we have the introduction of a completely new character in the form of Kahhori.

Here’s a first look at her from


The official description reads:

What If…? asks what would happen if the Tesseract fell to Earth and landed in the sovereign Haudenosaunee Confederacy before the colonization of America.

The Tesseract takes on a new life and a new mythology, transforming a lake into a gateway to the stars and leading Kahhori, a young Mohawk woman, on a quest to discover her power.

We don’t really know much about the MCU’s history pre-colonization, but it would be interesting to see Kahhori’s story clash with Wakanda and Talokan, which are both also ancient civilizations in the Marvel canon.

It’s also worth noting that Kahhori’s episode is going to be in the Mohawk language, and is going to take place in the Akwesasne region which is now upstate New York. Doug George, a Mohawk language expert who had worked with writer Ryan Little for the episode explains:

“It tells a remarkable story from a Native-Mohawk perspective which is truly unique and historical, and will give the viewers a new, challenging and entertaining perspective on this land’s first peoples. The story is dramatic, the characters fully realized, and the action sequences are breathtaking… The episode is exceptional in another sense–it is done with the complete cooperation of the Mohawk people from dialogue to adornment.”

As of now, What If…? Season 2 still has no release date, but you can catch the first season now available on Disney+.


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