Marvel Wants to Sue Leaker CanWeGetSomeToast

Marvel Wants to Sue Leaker CanWeGetSomeToast

Though big corporations like Disney want to make sure that they keep a tight lid on projects from Star Wars or Marvel, there is always a chance that something will leak online without them meaning to.

CanWeGetSomeToast on IG has been providing some leaks here and there, but a recent story post about Captain America: Brave New World was apparently the last straw for Marvel Studios.

According to TorrentFreak, Marvel has filed for a DMCA subpoena to sniff out who is behind the CanWeGetSomeToast account. Essentially, they want Instagram to reveal information on the user so they will be able to find out who has been behind these leaks.

Marvel wants Instagram to reveal the name, physical address, IP address, e-mail, etc. of the person/people behind the CanWeGetSomeToast account in the hopes to finally stop these big leaks from happening. The catch though, is that it’s possible that IG could object to the demand.

Admittedly, there have been a number of leakers when it comes to Marvel and Star Wars, and CanWeGetSomeToast is just one of a few. I guess with the latest post, Marvel realized that it could be someone within the organization leaking these files without authorization; and they’ve obviously been profiting off of privileged information that they’ve been given access to.

Seeing as how huge the Marvel corporation is, everyone is thinking it’s only going to be a matter of time before CWGST gets unmasked; but admittedly Marvel is doing a slow job at promoting Cap America 4, and I don’t think these recent leak was that big a deal.

Catch Captain America: Brave New World when it hits theatres on Feb. 14, 2025.


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