Star Wars’ Overwatch Clone Star Wars: Hunters Finally Gets Release Date

Star Wars’ Overwatch Clone Star Wars: Hunters Finally Gets Release Date

It was back in 2021 when we got our first look at Star WarsOverwatch clone Star Wars: Hunters, and updates on the game have been quiet the past few years—but the good news is, we finally have a solid release date.

As if not trying to get beat out by Marvel and their OW clone Marvel RivalsStar Wars has officially announced that their game Star Wars: Hunters will be ready to launch on June 4. Watch the cinematic reveal:

The main event is about to begin! Battle hard and reign victorious in the Arena! Pre-register now for awesome rewards at launch on June 4th

Unlike other Star Wars games that have come before it, Hunters is set to focus on a completely new set of characters—all of which are inspired by different specific elements from a galaxy far far away. You won’t be able to play as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, or Finn, but you will get the chance to play a wookiee, a droid Jedi, a Sith warrior, two Jawas in a trench coat, a Mandalorian, and an ugnaut riding a droideka—all of which have their own special set of abilities.

Not to mention you get to play in made-up arenas all inspired by different Star Wars planets. If anything, the Overwatch/shooter format is perfect for anyone who wants to make a game based on several colorful characters without wanting to break an established canon—that’s why Marvel Rivals happened.

Star Wars: Hunters is free-to-play and will be expected to launch for iOS, Android, and the Nintendo Switch on June 4.


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