Marvel TV to be Integrated into Marvel Studios

Marvel TV to be Integrated into Marvel Studios

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Despite the TV shows constantly referencing the MCU films, fans have been aware of a clear divide between Marvel Studios and Marvel TV. With Disney taking over with their new batch of incoming Disney+ Marvel shows, news had dropped that Marvel TV will be folded into the Studio.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios will be taking on the bulk of Marvel TV, and they should expect layoffs of dozens of employees, seeing that Disney is looking to reduce the volume of the production. Jeph Loeb is expected to help oversee the transition, and Karim Zreik will continue to oversee ongoing productions and projects.

While this may seem like the end for Marvel TV, THR makes is clear that this layover is to help illustrate the control that Kevin Feige now has over the division.

Admittedly I am against monopolies, but when it comes to consistency within a brand, I think this could be the best move on Marvel’s part. There is a distinct lack of quality when you compare the films and TV series, and with everything being handled under one banner, I can’t help but think we’re finally going to get Marvel TV up to a quality on par with the films.

Then again, we’ll just have to wait and see. Feige is just one person, and having him oversee everything from movies, TV, and comics could prove to be one daunting task. Hopefully he appoints the right people to help trudge Marvel along their path.

For now, the first Marvel Disney+ show set to come out is The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and it airs in the fall of 2020.


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