Marvel Studios Working on Falcon and Winter Soldier MiniSeries

Marvel Studios Working on Falcon and Winter Soldier MiniSeries

Disney’s streaming service is aiming to launch big with a Star Wars series from Jon Favreau called The Mandalorian. As it turns out, Marvel Studios now wants in on the high-budget limited series market, and as it turns out, they have one lined up for Captain America’s best friends—Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson a.k.a. The Winter Soldier and Falcon.

According to Variety, the show will be written by Empire’s Malcolm Spellman and run for about 6–8 episodes. Ironically enough, Empire stars the first actor to play James Rhodes, Terrence Howard, who was replaced by Don Cheadle come Iron Man 2.

Other series centered on Scarlet Witch and Loki have also been announced by Marvel Studios, but it looks like this one will be the first one to actively go into production. It seems the right timing since Chris Evans is expected to exit the Captain America role with Avengers 4. By now everyone is wondering who would take up his mantle—Bucky or Sam?

Though some might say this is hardly the first MCU series to come out, what with shows like Agents of SHIELD and Daredevil, these upcoming limited series will have the direct involvement of Kevin Feige. Feige will be attached as producer for this Winter Soldier/Falcon series, and he’s expected to do the same with Loki and Scarlet Witch.

If you watch closely, the current Marvel TV series does make references to the larger Marvel Universe, but so far, that relationship has gone one-sided. The movies have made sure to distance themselves completely from the shows, and it’s such a shame counting that characters like the Punisher and Kingpin have been fleshed out so well in the Netflix shows.

Hopefully with the upcoming limited series, we would get a more connected and consistent MCU moving forward. Maybe even the cancelled Netflix shows can find new life with the Disney streaming service. Who knows?

No release date has been announced for the Winter Soldier/Falcon series.


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