Marvel Discussing Possibility of Rated-R Black Widow Movie

Marvel Discussing Possibility of Rated-R Black Widow Movie

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Black Widow has been in the MCU since Iron Man 2, but she’s admittedly only been playing second fiddle to the likes of Iron Man and Captain America. Marvel Studios is said to be working on a solo film for Widow, and rumor has it that they’re considering making the film rated R.

This comes from That Hashtag Show’s Charles Murphy who posted:

Of course, it’s possible that the movie ends up getting a more PG-friendly rating, but the idea of Marvel going rated R is definitely interesting. If you watch the first Iron Man film, you could even say that it’s a far cry from the more wholesome Tony Stark now. When was the last time Tony Stark had some alcohol in an MCU film?

With the Fox/Disney merger also on the way, a lot of people are wondering what’s going to happen to the more mature Marvel Fox material—specifically Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds had to fight to get the R-rating of the franchise, and I’m sure a lot of fans would take issue if Disney decided to water everything down for the ratings.

With Black Widow rumored to be a prequel, I would definitely like to see the darker side of the character. I don’t know if kids would be too keen in watching a spy movie, and I’m sure adults don’t want to watch a mellow take on the character. If Black Widow has some ‘red in her ledger’ that she wanted off, I really want to see Marvel go all out with an R-rating.

Besides, if Birds of Prey is going Rated R, why can’t Marvel?

The Black Widow movie has no release date.


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